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reading4-22-13 So rather than give away all my secrets at once and right a big “all about me” post, I figure I’ll let it play out naturally.  Yesterday, you learned that I sew (a little), I’m not super fashion-y, and that I have a 5 year old daughter.

In another life I’m a librarian.  It feels like a bit of a crock to say that since I’ve never actually worked as one.  But I have my diploma and a hefty student loan to show that I earned a Master’s degree in library science once upon a time.  That should also clue you in that I like to read.  I think it’s important.  Vital.  Especially in front of and with your kids. And here is what is on my nightstand these days.


If you follow me on Instagram you saw that summer has practically arrived here in Las Vegas (oh yeah, I live in Vegas).  We have set up the blowup pool in the backyard.  Which for this momma means a lot of good reading time (except for yesterday because a family of wasps is on vacation from a neighboring yard and want to go swimming, too).  This is usually magazine reading because there is a request every few minutes for a “Mom, check out this cool move!” or a “Kill that buuuuuuug!!!” but I love hearing them splash and giggle while I catch up on whatever has been delivered to my mailbox.  I subscribe to Coastal Living and HGTV Mag.  I LOVE Country Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Midwest Living, and Southern Living, too, but between my mom and sister we’ve got them all covered.  Not snagging them in the grocery check out gives me something to peruse while I’m visiting them.  And you see my InStyle tossed in their for a little beauty and glamour inspiration.  And I too, love Emily Blunt.


As for REAL, turn-the-page books, I like to have a variety on hand.  So right now, in the spirit of Edie, I’m reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  I’ve read it before, years ago, but have been enjoying it again a second time around.  I try to imagine myself listening to Lewis’s words the way they were originally heard… during air raids where so much was unknown.  It adds extra meaning to what he says and while my world seems safer, I try to remember that there are raids on my faith every day.  Its a good reminder that the only safe place is in Christ.

Next up is Childwise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Buckman.  I’ve been a fan of this series since the birth of my first daughter.  I love the focus they place on the whole family and the value of the husband/wife relationship.  But maybe its because I’m a more confident parent, or maybe because I’ve read the other “wise” books and already “know” the values these authors stress, or maybe its because I’ve reached parental superstardom, but this book isn’t resonating as much with me as the others have.  I agree with all the principles and ideas but haven’t gained much new insight.  Still great tips and I’d love to pass it out to many frazzled parents I see at the grocery store (no judgement, just some parent-to-parent love), but it’ll get tossed in the donate box after I’ve finished.

And my favorite of the stack (even thought i haven’t read it yet), The Uncommon Appeal of Clouds.  I’m a sucker for series fiction and Alexander McCall Smith never disappoints.  His novels don’t have amazing twists or death-gripping scenes, but they are my go to when I’m not sure what to read next.  This latest Isabel Dalhousie novel has yet to be cracked.  I’m saving it because I enjoy this character SO much.  One of these days I’ll carve out an hour or so to get a good start on it.  I hate to get interrupted while I’m lunching with Isabel in Edinburgh.


And last, but not least, are my “kid books.”  That is the emphasis of my library degree.  Children.  And also my favorite type of read.  I love to snuggle up with my girls and a great picture book.  I’ve been (re)reading Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.  I love the story and the adventure of it all.  I love the idea of a little land of animals, going about their day just as we are.  I’m trying to decide if my 5 year old is ready to have it as a read-aloud.  I’m not sure yet.  I never want to rush kids out of the picture book stage.  So many parents make that mistake and there are just SO many amazing books out there that get left behind.  Two of those are in my stack.  Eddie’s Toolbox by Sarah Garland and Knit Your Bit by Deborah Hopkinson.  I won’t review these for you today because I want to go into more depth with both these authors, but I will tell you that I love them. And so do my girls.  They may become permanent additions to our library.

What reads are you enjoying this spring?  Maybe a gardening book (if your weather is cooperating… my potted lettuce is already burned to a crisp and the basil and chives seeds we started never even made a debut)?  An autobiography (I’ve been looking for a good one…like most of the world Margaret Thatcher is piquing my interest lately)? Something a little steamy, maybe? Shirtless dude on the cover?  Gotta read those before you’re poolside to avoid “the look.” That’s when I pull out books that will make other people think I’m an intellectual.  That’s when I’ll read about Margaret Thatcher.


I also want to add a super special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this guy.


He is an amazing husband and father and I’m so glad that he’s supporting me as I put our life out there on the web for everyone to see.  He doesn’t understand it, but he supports it.  I love you so much!!!