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Truth be told, our “back” door fills the bill as a foyer more accurately than the front door in this house.  That’s where our family comes in and out from the garage, where the coat closet lies, where there is a bump out space with a chair and table, and where we drop all of our stuff.  It’s also only separated from the front door by our staircase.  But, when I’m sitting on our couch and glance over because the doorbell rings or I hear a noise outside, this is what I was used to seeing at the “front.”

front door "before"

Wah. Wah.

So anticlimactic, right?  So I did something I’ve been wanting to do for over a year.  I painted the front door black.

front door "after"

It was an instant improvement! Then I got fancy and added an accent rug (finally. We’ve only lived here 2 1/2 years!) that I found at Homegoods (I’m a little worried about the white stripe showing dirt but that door doesn’t get a ton of traffic so it should be OK.  We’ll see if the red turns those white stripes pink after the first wash!). All that’s missing is a little art on the wall behind where the door opens and I can call this foyer refreshed!

To paint the door, I used a door painting tips post from Thrifty Decor Chick to get up my nerve make sure I had the right supplies and I headed to Lowes with my small one.  I got a quart of the stock black latex Valspar painter and primer in a gloss (I was planning on using a semi-gloss but this was available in stock and much quicker to grab) and a small foam roller (that actually said “doors and cabinets”) to get this beautiful black finish.

door paint supplies

I also used my trusty 1.5 inch angled, short-handled brush to cut in the insets in the door and get the edges near the hinges.  It’s inside that zip bag because I took this shot after doing the first coat of edging.  I know many of you use the bag or plastic wrap method to prevent your brush from drying out and I’m no different.  Except I don’t put mine in the fridge like so many suggest.  I’ve never had any trouble and think leaving it out keeps it softer for when I start painting again.  After wiping the door down with a damp cloth I taped off the hardware (instead of removing it which was fine, but of course it’s better if you can take it off) and went to work. Edges, horizontal faux grain, vertical faux grain, in that order. I think the faux grain actually made this a little easier because it hid any stray brush strokes.  A smooth door would take sanding between coats and possibly some type of additive to ensure a smooth finish.  The paint project cost around $20 (the quart of paint + foam roller) and the rug was $15 (I already had a rug pad). Besides the overnight drying time between coats, this project was a breeze and I’m kicking myself for not doing it sooner.  Wanna see it again?


The best part…


The view from my spot on the couch.  It’s just a little sneak peak over to the entryway, but it has put a smile on my face every time I glance that direction.

So… art for that bland white wall (it’s never getting painted because it would require scaffolding and we’re turning this house into a rental in a few short months.  We jokingly refer to it as our “accent” wall).  I have a few things in mind.  I don’t really want images because it’s an awkward space to stand and look at pictures.  It also can’t stick out too far from the wall or it will get bumped by the door!  Maybe a bunch of “F”s like Emily’s “L” wall?  I could definitely take this with me and split them up if I didn’t have a similar space. And it would be super fun to DIY a few of them.

I also love this plate wall on mmmcrafts, but I’d be nervous that the door would bump them and they’d fall and break.  Melamine plates, maybe? Target has so many cute ones.  Ceiling medallions would ROCK, but could also break if they got bumped.  Or, I could use fabric and embroidery hoops… those would be super flat against the wall, require less hardware for hanging, and give me an excuse to go to the fabric store! I’m really inspired by a Valentine post from Living Well, Spending Less and these from Retro Mama (LOVE the buttons).  I like the idea of the circles to juxtapose the rectangular door and rug, vertical stair posts, and square floor tiles.  Check out some of my other wall art inspiration on my pinterest board! I’d love any input on which “art” you think would fit this space the best.  Do you have any other ideas for great visual impact in this little space?

Freshened up any “rooms” in your house lately?  Do you have painted interior doors in your house?  I’d love to see them!

I’m also hoping this will inspire my mom to paint her front door… you know you want to!

A couple updates:

I’ve linked up  to Home. On Purpose. at life{in}grace

And Sherry and Kate have announced another Pinterest Challange!  I’ve decided to make the blank wall my project for this.  I’ve created a Pinterest board specifically for this challenge and would love it if you could share any inspiration that you find. It’s going to be tough to cultivate a gallery wall in under a week! Wish me luck.