I have quite a few projects going around here and am still cleaning up my house after my company left last week. Which is just the way I like it. I let things go while I’m spending time with people I love. I also don’t do the dishes or clean-up after a party until the guests have left. I don’t want to miss a minute of good conversation, silly giggles with girlfriends, or belly-laughs when I hear a great story. So, here I am in catch-up mode and I don’t mind one bit.

So because I haven’t finished anything else I’ve started this past week, I’m going to share a yummy dinner that my husband and I love and my kids chow down on. It’s a take on something I remember oh-so-well from my school cafeteria days. But its all grown up.

I added the link to each recipe below instead of typing them out for you. It’s not because I’m lazy, but because they aren’t my own and I don’t steal, yo!

Salisbury Steak & White Beans

Salisbury Steaks with White Bean Mash at Better Homes & Gardens

This recipe calls for ground turkey but I use ground beef because, well, I just don’t like ground turkey. {health fail} I’ve tried but, bleh, it just doesn’t have much flavor. I like to blame my midwestern upbringing! Actually, I’ve been thinking about giving it a try again and doing a 50/50 mix with beef. That way I’ll cut out a little fat, but still get that more beefy taste. I’ve also never used red wine in this recipe. I vaguely remember opening the bottle, but somehow none of mommy’s special grape juice made it into the pan… Weird. I’ve used chicken and beef broth and its yummy either way.

Rachael Ray Green Bean Salad

Eat Your Vegetables!: Green Bean Salad from Rachael Ray @ The Food Network

Because this meal is a little “wintery” feeling to me, I paired a super-summery (and one of my most favorite-ist ever) salad with it. I like contrast in my food and this cool, crunchy salad give just that when served along side the warm “steak” and creamy mashed beans. I’ve been making this since the first Christmas we got married and I got one of RR‘s 30 minute cookbooks. It is always a favorite and great for picnics because it doesn’t have anything that spoils in the heat.

I hope you find a night to try this yummy meal! Let me know what you think!