I had been working on drop cloth slipcovers for a couple chairs, but that project has been put WAAAAY on hold. I was going great guns then this massive jumble of thread decided to have a party somewhere between my bobbin and the feed dogs. Not cool. Not cool at all. So I took a couple days off from that frustrating project (and I needed to buy new thread). In the mean time, we’ve decided to try and SELL our house instead of renting it out. Umm, sewing project that is strewn all over my dining and living room leaving a wake of strings and thread in its path is officially off my to-do list.

Selling will be a HUGE relief to me because I just don’t have the entrepreneurial spirit and have nightmares about phone calls in the middle of the night due to broken pipes, a leaky roof, or even worse, horrible renters! We could still end up renting it if we can’t get enough $$ to break even. But for now, I’m hopeful that it’ll sell.

So what does that mean? Sprucing up and FINALLY finishing those projects that just don’t get done until you move.

I’ll start with the dining room. Here she is in all her glory.

Dining Room @ Grace and Joy GirlThe chair covers are recent purchases from Pier1 (so recent in fact, that the tag is still dangling in this pic. Ha!). I’ve been eying them for a while and finally used this as an excuse to get them. The old covers were just white. I also bought my first cloth napkins… so exciting!

We live in a neighborhood where every 3rd or so house is exactly like ours. My sweet daddy added a chair rail to my dining room over 2 years ago and today I finally finished it off by caulking along the top. There were gaps where the trim was crooked, wall was crooked, the dumb wall texture got in the way, etc.

trim and wall gapThrifty Decor Chick says it’s super easy to caulk your trim so I finally decided to give it a go in preparation for our future home shoppers.

She was right. It is SO easy and now I’m wondering why I waited so long. This is a recurring theme around here. Here’s what you need:

tools for caulking trim @ Grace and Joy Girl

You can buy caulk in a squeezable tub if you don’t want to get the caulk gun, but trust me, using the gun is SO much better. More control and looking way more cool. (I’m an expert because I also re-caulked my toilet today. No pics because, well, its the toilet.) Buy paintable caulk for this type of project, even if you think you won’t paint it. Just go with the safe choice here.

The edging tool is a life-saver. Your finger doesn’t get all funky from smoothing and the line is more even because we humans are inconsistent. It’s true.

I taped off all the trim to get the best line possible. If you want your caulk line to be nearly invisible you need to put the tape as close as you can to the trim. It went pretty well for us. We just ran the caulk gun BEHIND the tip (I guess this pushes more caulk in the crack), smoothed with the tool, wiped with the paper towel, and took off the tape. Perfection!

Caulking trim @ Grace and Joy Girl

Then you need damp paper towels to wipe off the extra after you smooth it with your cool tool. Remove the tape right away and admire your handiwork!

This may seem silly but this was almost life changing for me. To have that smooth line and no gaps (there was one spot where you could stick a nickel between the trim and the wall) makes me SO, SO delighted. I hope the new owners like it, too.

{Please find new owners, please find new owners, please find new owners.}

I’ll be back with more sprucing and a little tour of our house through the listing pictures. We’re also attempting to sell by owner so if you have any tips or tricks let me know!