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vintage pyrex @ graceandjoygirlPyrex dishware. The stuff dreams are made of.

At least my dreams.

What? You don’t sit around, wistfully thinking about perfectly stackable glass containers that not only save space in the fridge, save us from death-by-BPA, and make reheating a snap all in the cutest, kitschy colors and patterns?!

vintage pyrex @ graceandjoygirl

Look at all the stacking options!!!

OF COURSE YOU DO! I know I’m not alone because full sets of this stuff are tough to get ahold of and notsocheap when you do.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but I have this super awesome sister that loves me oh-so-very-much. She got me this sweet little set for Christmas. I would go on and on and on about how much I love using it…except that I haven’t used it. Not once. In 6 months.

Am I a crazy person?!

Well, yes, but not in this case. It’s because we had Christmas at my parents’ and I haven’t had the nerve to take it back home in my suitcase. I’m too afraid of breaking this precious treasure. Better to me than any silver or gold (well, maybe not gold that I could put in one of those prepaid envelopes you see on commercials because I could mail it in for cash and use it to buy MORE PYREX!!!).

So hopefully, after the big move, my mom will drive it down when she comes for her first visit. She’ll snug it in tightly between her well stocked cooler and the little girl hand-me-downs she’s been storing for me.

I’d love to grow my collection. I adore these primary colored babies and also LOVE the New Dots, Rainbow Stripes, and those darn little Friendship birds.

New Dots | Rainbow Stripes | Friendshipvintage pyrex @ graceandjoygirl.com

The Crazy Daisy pattern is close to my heart because that’s what my mom rocks at her casa.


Crazy Daisy

Here’s a little snippet from Corelle Corner about my set…

 Multi-colour refrigerator set (1948)
This set includes two red 501s (1½ cup), one blue 502 (1½ pint), and one yellow 503 (1½ Qt).  Although it was emphasized that the dishes were suitable for absolutely any purpose, the 502 was ideally designed to hold one pound of butter and to be held easily in an average woman’s hand.  Multi-colour refrigerator sets remained in production into the 1960s.  Clear 501s & 502s were sold individually, beginning about 1949 and remaining for only a few years.

I’m guessing mine aren’t nearly that old.

So, yes, I love the way they look. But really, truly, I just don’t think the stuff for sale today is nearly as good. Snap on lids that don’t nestle together, edges that are too rounded, dishes too thin that chip and crack.

vintage pyrex @ graceandjoygirl

Come on, look at those cute lids!

Vintage Pyrex has got it going on. And soon, when I get settled again, so will I.