My intention was not to quit blogging. I really enjoy it, even if no one reads my posts (ok, its WAY better if someone reads them, but you know what I’m saying). When I last left you, we were getting ready to move to New Orleans. And we did. And it was NOT the best 10 months of my life.

Many factors, some within my control, others that I could do nothing about, gave me anxiety and stress beyond anything I’d ever known. There were nights (and days) of sleepless worry, tears, anger, and loneliness. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad. I had some of the most amazing neighbors, now dear friends, that I’ve ever known. And we sure do love Mardi Gras season and the spring in the Crescent City.

But it wasn’t enough. And because my hubs is in the Air National Guard now, not the US Air Force, we had the opportunity to make the choice to leave. And we have. We’ve been in our new home for almost a month. And its far, far away from any place I’ve ever lived before.

This is scary, too. I don’t know anyone here. My husband is in a different type of role at work (after being exclusively a pilot for 12 years!). Our new house is huge and I’ve got to furnish this bad boy. Its double the space we had in N.O. and I kinda loved that tiny little abode. I desperately wanted to share it with you, but my heart wasn’t in it. I was in survival mode.

My head hopes we’re not searching for some elusive, idyllic life that doesn’t exist. But my heart knows it was the right choice. I’ve already slept better here (in a strange purple bedroom) than I did in New Orleans, that familiar city where I had friends and people I loved.

And, back to why I’m blogging again. I want this. And this and this. I want to share my world with people that are interested and interesting. I have great people in my life, but each move reminds me that I want more. I want different experiences, different perspectives, and different time zones in my life. It could be good. Really, really good.

Later this week I’ll be back to give you a little tour of the new casa. Its a little rainbow sherbet-y at the moment, but everybody likes a good “before” while they wait for the “after,” right?

So do you want a clue on where we settled?

Crab cakes. Scrumptious, yummy crab cakes.