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Not my shoes. Not anymore!

Shoes. We love them. But we hate they way they multiply and cluster near the entrances to our home. At least I always have.

At our last house we kept them corralled in a basket, but it was M-E-S-S-Y. The girls would dig through to find a match spilling the other residents of the basket out around them. It also wasn’t too nice for the shoes, either. Maddie’s school shoes gave my white converse a wicked tread mark and Josh’s work boots smooshed the heck outta Emily’s Hello Kitty mary janes. It was not a good system.

Here at our new house, we enter through the laundry room into a small hall off the dining and kitchen (check out the floor plan here or here). I knew this would be the locale for our kicks, but I didn’t want it to be a hot mess. For one, it’s a narrow space, and two, you can see it from the front door!!!

Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet

Enter the Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet. It fits perfectly in our little hallway and has 4 compartments. One for each member of our family.

Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet

Does it hold all our shoes? Of course not. But it does keep the everyday pairs right by the door for quick retrieval on our way out and neat stashing on the way in. (On a side note, my black converse are DERTEE!)

And as a bonus, its a great dumping ground for my husband’s stuff. His ish. His loot that would otherwise litter my kitchen island each evening. I put a little tray on top for the stuff he grabs most often and he has sole discretion (minus the few things I stashed in there until he complains) on the contents of the oh-so-cute little top drawer.
Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet


Ikea Hemnes shoe cabinet

And the very best part…


It looks good from the front door!