So, the countdown is on. We will have our first houseguest in a little over a week.

And all I can say is YIKES!!!

guest bedroom "before"

(Naked mattress, leaning headboard, bag of Ikea goodies to return/put together)

This is the current state of our guest room. Now, it is a HUGE improvement over the last one. Not because this is a complete, hot mess, but because in NOLA we didn’t have a mattress for the bed. We had a frame. A box spring. Sheets. Blankets. Etc. But instead of a mattress we had an air mattress. That leaked. And was too big for the frame.

guest bedroom "before"

(Frames and wall art of various sizes, precariously leaning bookshelf, two plant stands, an unpacked box, a piece of a kids tent)

Luckily, my parents and sister were the only people subjected to this horror in the short 10 months we lived there. But they would wake up each morning (or around 1 a.m.) with their booty approximately 8 inches lower than the rest of their body, resting uncomfortably on a hard bed base. Restful? Notsomuch.

But, we had used the full size mattress for the bunk bed and still had the other pieces so it seemed like a good idea at the time. No one had to crawl down to the floor to sleep on a glorified pool floatie. But I already mentioned that it leaked. Poop. It didn’t really work out. Thanks for loving me and not complaining.

guest bedroom "before"

(mangled baby dolls, some of the mortgage docs from buying the house, a few shelves)

So, we’re ready with a brand new mattress! And a queen, no less. Fancy stuff over here, folks. Fancy schmancy stuff.

I plan on eventually painting this room, although I kind of like the shade of blue. I THINK its Behr Shale Gray, but as I’ve mentioned before, this house has A LOT of different paint colors. Fifteen to be exact. I suppose I shouldn’t exaggerate. It was only 14 before I added in Windfresh White. But, the current total is 15. I’m hoping to get it down to 6 or so. My life is crazy and hectic enough (reference the above guest room photos) without a lot of competing color on the walls.

My inspiration is this guest bedroom and the master bedroom at The Lettered Cottage. I always like her style and I’m a BIG fan of red so its a no-brainer. And I’ve got a bedroom Pinterest board with tons of ideas. I feel like it can go a little more feminine and cottage-y than our master.

guest room design plan

1) My mom gave me this quilt when I was a newlywed (bridal shower, maybe? I can’t remember, Mom) and I’ve always loved it so it will be front and center on the bed.

2) I’d like to get a black iron bed frame eventually, but for now the $10 head board that I got at a hotel sale in England works great (although it needs a tiny bit of touch up paint right in the center!). This one is the right price, but I’d need to check out the finish. I want black, not bronze.

3) These little wall lamps came home with me from my first east coast excursion to Ikea and I love the black and white cord.

4) I need to do something about end tables (I’ve got some randomness that I’ll perch next to the bed for now) and I like this and this because they pick up the touch of gold in the lamps. And why not this guy? Every room needs some black! And apparently I like round. Maybe something more angular for the other side of the bed. I have a couple of porch balusters from my grandfather’s childhood home (maybe a couple more in the garage at home? Mom? Dad? Bueller?). They’re just the right amount of greyed wood and chippy white paint! They might get worked in as a side table down here, too.

5) I have dainty white Ikea curtain panels (similar to these, but purchased back in 2005) that will find their way onto the window. They won’t be much for blocking light, but will provide privacy and soften the room. I’m hoping to add a lined bamboo shade at some point. Probably.

6) I have some cute artwork to hang that I’ve had for a while. And by art, I mean book pages I framed and some “broken” wall hangings that I got from Hobby Lobby in 2003. I love them both so they are art to me!

I’m so excited to have a devoted guest room that is truly comfortable! There is a connected full bath and plenty of room in the closet for hanging clothes! When we have company, it’s usually family from far away that sometimes stays two weeks or more. I love, love, love that we can offer them their own comfy place to escape my shifty moods our family chaos. It’s down in the basement but with that full size window and the nice cool temp down there I think it will be the perfect getaway. Not that anyone I love requires it. They are more than happy to plunk down any old place, just like in the book The Relatives Came. They love me. Or is it these two cuties???


Either way, we’ll have visitors soon and I’m excited.

While it won’t be the “finished” version of the room, I’ll have a livable (and hopefully pretty) arrangement set up by my sister’s visit next week. I’ll be sure to show it to you as soon as I’m done! Well, done-ish.