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My little first grader is back to school this week! We had our typical morning photo shoot and she rocked it! I have to admit, making the little chalkboard sign is one if my favorite parts of the new year.

chalkboard sign I use it for birthdays and other events, too.

chalkboardcollageEach time, I swear I’m going to get a chalk pen or some other fancy, erasable device, but each time I end up struggling through the process with remnants of sidewalk chalk and leftover bits from a package of crap-ola stuff from Ikea.

chalkLess than ideal.

Emily at Jones Design Company has some great recommendations and I think I need to get a couple of these to try. Or at least some regular crayola chalk. Keeping a fine point on the sidewalk stuff is next to impossible! Also, Martha has a new product out, erasable liquid chalk, but it looks like its more for stenciling and I’m a free-hand, wing-it, smudge it with my elbow kinda gal. But it’s awesomesauce for all kinds of stuff and here are some cute examples of how to use it.

But then I wonder, hmmm, if I buy some fancy chalk who can I blame when it doesn’t look all professional a la Dana Tanamachi?!

Have you all tried any of these things? Any tips so I don’t waste my money. I know “real” chalk will always be a staple, but it’d be nice to know which you think is best.

I just love back-to-school time, even if I don’t love letting go of my girls (the little one heads of to preschool for the first time after Labor Day. sigh.). It must be the smell of a bouquet newly sharpened pencils.